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Brain Evolve

Recommended use: Concussion

Designed for: Reduces post concussion symptoms

Decreases inflammation

Promotes deep sleep

Increases energy & nutrients to brain cells

Dosage: ½ scoop before bed (old injury) or 1 scoop before bed (new injury)

• Night Formula
• Natural Flavour
• Without Natural Sweetener

Note: Recommended to mix with almond milk. Consume every night

Brain Dream

Recommended use: Sleep

Designed for: Helps to increase mental awareness and clarity for those without an acute injury

Improves sleep patterns

Increases energy

Improves memory

Dosage: ½ scoop before bed

• Night Formula
• Tropical Flavour
• Natural Sweetener: Stevia Leaf Extract

Note: Contains extra glycine to regulate sleep habits

Brain Thrive

Recommended use: Cognitive Health Maintenance

Designed for: Assists with issues relating to neurodegeneration & cognitive impairment

Limits inflammation

Improves quality of sleep

Enhances mood

Dosage: 1 scoop

• Night Formula
• Chocolate Cherry Flavour
• Natural Sweetener: Stevia Leaf Extract

Note: Primarily for seniors to help prevent dementia and increase focus


Brain Beast

Recommended use: Energy

Designed for: Helps to increase focus and energy during the day

Increases energy

Improves focus

Enhances memory

Dosage: ½ scoop (morning or afternoon)

• Day Formula
• Tropical Flavour
• Natural Sweetener: Stevia Leaf Extract

Note: Great replacement for caffeine. Increases energy slowly and lasts up to 6 hours

"As a Professional Hockey Player I’m always looking for ways to help my mind and body perform at its highest level. As a result, I’ve been exposed to numerous mental supplements, which have left me disappointed. This changed drastically with Brain Evolve. Within three days of taking Brain Evolve I was sleeping longer, deeper and uninterrupted. Perhaps the biggest change however was how I noticeably felt more clear headed and my quick decision making in the fast game of Hockey felt more clear and decisive than it ever had. Brain Evolve truly has helped take both my mental and physical games to the next level."

Josh MorrisseyWinnipeg Jets, World Junior Gold Medallist

"Using Brain Evolve aided my recovery from Post Concussion Syndrome, helping me feel like myself again. I continue to use the product today for heightened mental clarity, stronger memory, and increased focus."

Jon CornishCFL Running Back / Calgary Stampeders
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